Liquid water is essential for life and the Oceans, where life began, is a vital part of Earth’s life support system. Earthzine serves as public outreach by the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society, providing up-to-date information on science, technology, Earth observation and information utilization and those participating and contributing to it’s advancement.

Earthzine is an online source for news, articles, information and educational materials about Earth and Ocean science, observations and users of Earth information. Earthzine is updated regularly with news from around the world about the Earth, Earth observations, environmental policy, and new and emerging environmentally-friendly and earth- and ocean- observing technologies.

Earthzine operates under the auspices of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering  Society (OES). On Earthzine, you will find materials that are inspirational to new and future Earth observers and that promote greater awareness of the Earth through its observation. Earthzine encourages interaction of an on-line community of Earth observers.

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